Employee Spotlight 2: Bella

In the second part of our Employee Spotlight series, another familiar face for many readers will be Bella. After almost 15 years at Micro Systems across a range of roles from reception to finance, there are few people who know the company better! A special interview with someone who has really helped to ‘mould’ (pun intended) Micro Systems into the company it is today, read on or watch the video to find out about Bella’s working experience here, how she has introduced many other staff to Micro Systems, how her role has developed over the years and more.

employee spotlight


Alex: So, Hi Bella, how are you doing today?

Bella: I’m OK thanks Alex and you?

Alex: Yeah I’m good thanks, looking forward to getting cracking on these interviews! Thank you for being in the first group of guinea pigs!

Bella: Pleasure! (both laugh)


Alex: Ok so let’s start with – how long have you been at Micro Systems?

Bella: I have worked at Micro Systems for… it’s going to be 15 years in May this year.

Alex: 15 years! Wow. And what’s your current role at the moment?

Bella: So at the moment it’s quite a vast role although we work in a team, so I am a sales administrator and production administrator which leads to some support on project planning.

Alex: Yes I think you’re being quite modest there, more project management right?

Bella: Yes I do, I accompany the project since the orders come into the company and follow all the project until the orders are delivered to the customer.


Alex: And so what are the general tasks that would be associated with following that process through?

Bella: OK – so we receive purchase orders that result from a sent quotation and I process, check those orders and I process those orders and give them a job number then we start from there. While processing those orders I will send an order confirmation to the customer and we will have to create a project plan for that order to show that we have a date fixed and we meet that date. Then after the order processed, order confirmation sent and we create a project plan as a team, my role as production administrator starts because I will have to pass information to production, then production managers will decide what operations will be needed to take through to fulfil that order, and I will then support the production managers to make all the paperwork necessary to get the work through all the departments of the company, all the production departments – EDM, milling, grinding, so they have detailed information on the operations that they need to do to complete.

We’ve jumped through design – before production but a stage of our work – which orders do we have designs already to progress with the work or do we need to wait for design to pass us the information and say OK we’ve got a design release and then production can start, then we need to pass the information to purchasing with the standard parts that need ordering, steel that needs ordering, doing each component of the order.

Alex: And every order is very different?

Bella: Yes, we have quite different, there was a time that we did a lot of repeatables, each time more new orders are coming in then it’s more challenging but it’s more rewarding I think.

Alex: Ah good, lovely.


Alex: Have you always been this busy here or has your role changed a lot over time?

Bella: My role changed quite a bit I started actually in reception, which was funny because I had just moved to England and I didn’t feel very confident speaking the language although the managers really trusted me and they would play with me and make me feel comfortable and it was very good to know the customers, a lot of them we still have them after this 15 years, so being in reception gave me a very good idea of the customers that Micro Systems deals with, and I would serve them coffees and serve them dinners and receive them in the company and of course at that time 15 years ago I could do a bit more than just reception, I would do a bit of paperwork as well matching purchasing documents, a bit of job costing and information – timesheets and information, I would do a bit of support in the administration. Because of that supporting the administrative roles, one of the managers I think he liked my work so he said “OK Bella, you are out of reception and you are coming to work with me in finance”, so we recruited another receptionist and I moved to the finance department.

Alex: So what do you think about your experience working here? How do you feel with the company?

Bella: I feel very well, I feel like part of the family and it’s true, I think my best friends are probably in this company! If I had to ask someone to give references about me it would be someone that works here with me, I think no one knows me better, so yes I feel very well, I feel like I’ve got all the opportunities, every time there was an opportunity for me to progress someone gave it to me.

Alex: That’s very nice, thanks Bella!


Alex: What do you find to be the most interesting about the work that Micro Systems does?

Bella: It is very interesting the fact that Micro Systems works for the medical industry, for the pharmaceutical industry, makes a lot of research and development in those areas and are very innovative – innovative areas so I have the feeling that our work is contributing for people’s wellbeing and for some development in this world we live.

Alex: I agree, that’s one of the things that I really like about working here as well.


Alex: So then, what’s the most interesting project that you think you’ve worked on?

Bella: Hmm, you know I like, although it drives me crazy a little bit sometimes, but I really like the most recent Micro Needles project because of the development that it’s bringing and the investigation that it’s bringing and what can come from that and it hopefully will help a lot of women, with contraception in sub-developed countries.

Alex: And Micro Systems moulds those Micro Needles in the drug laden material, is that right?

Bella: Yes – so the Micro Needles that we supply already have the drug in them and that’s why it’s so challenging because it’s not easy to mould with the drug loaded material, but we can do it!

Alex: Is that more of a headache for you or Shane?

Bella: Ha! Everybody’s headaches become my headaches! And I think that’s the part of project planning isn’t it, embracing all the headaches but all the fun as well.


Alex: So what skills do you need to do your job effectively?

Bella: I think a lot of commitment, I need to be committed and I need to have a lot of attention to detail and organisational skills.


Alex: Ok so last question – what do you like to do outside of work in your free time, and does that ever include any fellow members of the Micro Systems team?

Bella: Well I like travel, usually we do it with my family, actually it does include one of the Micro Systems team because one of my family – my other half works here. [You and Gustavo yeah?]  Yes, and our children. But I also like music concerts and I’ve been to a few with colleagues from work, and passing time with friends, and it also happens a lot – we go out with Micro Systems colleagues. For New Years Eve we had a big party at home. It was a good new years eve and there was a few of us there.

Alex: Who else was there from Micro Systems?

Bella: It was Jorge, Helder, Harry,

Jorge is production manager, Helder is a machine operator, he works in milling and surface grinding and Harry is a labourer.

Alex: Harry has recently joined the company hasn’t he – did you introduce Harry to Micro Systems?

Bella: Yes he is my son’s friend since he was 3 years old, and I believe another friend of my son is going to start. He’s coming for an interview because he did a BTEC in engineering and has sent a CV, he has been telling Gustavo “I want to work in engineering! I want to work in engineering!” . So he sent his CV to Jorge and Geoff and Jorge were very impressed with his CV so I think they’re going to call him for an interview, so maybe another one of my friends will work here!

Alex: That will be great yeah! It’s important to bring in the young ones isn’t it.

Bella: Yeah, with the training in the area, and he’s a good boy.

Alex: Ah good, well thank you for introducing all of these people!

Bella: You’re welcome, my pleasure.

Alex: Thank you very much Bella!


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